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Home Inspection

What to repair before selling your home is sometimes difficult to decide on.  Here is what the inspector will be looking for:


1.Verify that all utilities are turned on.
2.Access is clear to electrical panel, crawl space,Attic space and garage walls.
3.Remove or put pets in a secure area.
More than likely the buyers will come to the inspection. Have the house clean. Don’t leave dishes in the sink, pans in the oven or cars in the garage. Change all air filters prior to the inspection. Consider having something (water) for buyers to drink. Leave your phone number for inspector in case they have any questions about the operation of your home.


4.Verify water drains away from the house byadding downspout and splash blocks under gutters.
5.Fix any loose shingles or nail pops on the roof.
6.Clean gutters and downspouts to preventoverflowing.
7.Check wood trim seams for softness and caulk.
8.Check all steps for loose bricks or wood andreplace or secure as needed.
9.Check all handrails for looseness and secureas needed.
10.Look for deteriorating wood on decks.
11.Check for any fallen insulation or wood debrislying on the ground under a deck or in a crawl space.This creates a conducive environment for termites.
12.Check hose faucets to ensure they're notloose or leaking.
13.Ensure that there are anti-siphon devicesinstalled on the exterior hose faucets.


14.Check automatic reverse on garage doors.
15.Check garage foundation walls for termitetubes. (mud tubes on the wall).
16.Move stored items away from the garagewalls so that the inspector can view the foundation.
17.Check for damaged drywall adjoining theliving space to ensure proper fire rating.
18.Check all windows for opening, closing and locking.
19.Check all windows to ensure that they stay up on their own.
20.Check all windows for possible broken thermo seals/cracks
21.Check all outlet covers for loose, damaged, or missingcovers.
22.Check all doors for rubbing/sticking when opening andclosing. Correct and adjust as needed.
23.Check walls and doors for holes from door handle or fromdoor stop
24.Check ceiling fans on all 3 speeds for wobbling
25.Check and replace all burned out light bulbs.
26.Consider getting carpet cleaned and re-stretched ifneeded.
27.Check for and fix any holes/nail pops in walls/ceiling


28.Fill all sink basins, drain, check for leaks
29.Check disposal and dishwasher
30.Check cabinets for and rubbing and ensure they aresecure and open and close properly.
31.Check that all burners and elements work on the stove andoven
32.Check the counter and back splash for any needed caulking.
33.Check for loose tiles, cracked tiles, and missing grout.
34.Check the toilet for cracks or loose/rocking toilets andtanks.
35.Check supply lines, toilet shut offs, to ensure they flush
36.Check for faucets to ensure proper hot and cold plumbing installation. (hot is on left, cold should be on the right.)
37.Check all faucets for water pressure. If pressure is low, trycleaning out aerators/screens
38.Check laundry connection for leaks
39.Check water heater for leaks and corrosion.
40.Check breakers for tripped or missing breakers.
41.Check GFCI's and AFCI's to ensure that they respond.


For use in preparation for your home inspection Provided to you by DOWN HOME INSPECTIONS. Learn more about us at www.down-home-inspections.com   Email us : bo_helton@down-home-inspections.com Call Us Today 352-514-1925